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Love Our Shops UK – A Brand New Way to Shop Online

February 13, 2017

For the Love of Shopping

I have closed Another Gorgeous Day online shop.  But it is a good thing.  I can now concentrate on my new venture… Love Our Shops UK

For a while now I have been looking into how I can help shoppers online find the small independent online shops.  At the same time help these shops get more shoppers to their websites.  I have the solution!

I have just launched an exciting new website which will help.  Love Our Shops UK

Independent online shopping


Love Our Shops UK is all about finding the really wonderful, independently owned, small shops online.  Ones with great products, excellent customer service and a likeable personality.

Online shopping can seem a little impersonal and functional.  Love Ours Shops UK is about browsing, getting to know the shopkeeper, seeing what they sell, finding the unique and special, then visiting and dealing with the shop direct.

I have created a wonderful feature on the website call Fabulous Finds.  Each week I seek out 10 shops around a theme.  It could be Beautiful Jewellery or Natural Skincare or whatever.  Lots of different product themes for you to discover.

Plus I am on a self care, me time journey.  My life is crammed to hilt with stuff.  Tasks to do, clutter to clear, places to be, people to see etc etc.  I would love to find time for some space.  For the love of ME! is my blog all about this journey.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

I do hope you love my new venture.

I am still making my lovely signs.  You can get these on my Etsy store.  It includes all my most popular designs.  I still love making them.

Best Wishes
Barbara x

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